Native-instruments MASCHINE+

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A groovebox like no other. MASCHINE+ is your one-stop shop for live, loop-based music. Access the legendary MASCHINE workflow with next to no strings attached, and build beats in minutes with a genre-bending blend of on-board instruments, sounds, and effects.

Leave the laptop behind! MASCHINE+ has everything you love about our legendary MASCHINE – with fewer strings attached. Intuitive, expressive, and more portable than ever, MASCHINE+ invites you to experience the standalone difference: Take your ideas on the road. Build beats on the fly. Flip samples far from the madding crowd. No matter your workflow, MASCHINE+ delivers with greater focus, flexibility, and freedom from first ideas to finished tracks.

Along with its classic groovebox workflow, MASCHINE+ also includes MASCHINE+ Selection: A dedicated package of 18 synths and sampled instruments, 37 effects, and 8 Expansions (including 2 of your own choosing) that all work seamlessly in standalone mode. This includes heavy-hitters like MASSIVE, FM8, MONARK, PRISM, the MASCHINE Factory Selection, PHASIS, RAUM, DRUMLAB, and ETHEREAL EARTH - which means those 16 pads can sound like a dusty vintage drumkit, a warped wavetable lead, an organic modal synth, or pretty much anything you can imagine when flexing your sound design skills.


Whether you’re digging records or ripping radio edits, record any sound into MASCHINE+ and quickly chop and stretch the results into your own custom kits. Or transform and twist them in real-time with the Audio plug-in. The same goes for guitars, vocals, drums, and anything else – more sounds means more creative ways to make music.