Behringer CONTROL2USB-EU - Studio monitor controller

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The Xenyx Control2USB from Behringer is a high-end studio control and communication center with VCA control and a USB audio interface. It can be used to put master volume, talkback, source selection, and monitor control right at your fingertips when recording or mixing in a studio environment.

It features a large control knob, allowing you to make minute adjustments to volume. The Control2USB lets you set levels fast and accurately, which can be critical to the final sound when it comes to mastering an important project. It also utilizes a high-end Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) to provide even more precise level adjustments.

Furthermore, the built-in USB audio interface lets you connect directly to your computer and its digital library, with no additional hardware or drivers required. In addition, the Control2USB lets you switch between 3 pairs of studio monitors. You can add or remove a subwoofer and listen through small monitors or any other combination at the press of a button.

  • Premium, ultra-low noise and high-headroom studio control and communication center
  • All-in-one master volume controller, source selector, monitor switcher, and talkback box
  • 4 stereo inputs with independent level control plus an additional monitor mix input for your DAW
  • 3 independent and adjustable monitor outputs to connect up to 3 sets of studio monitors
  • Built-in talkback microphone with level control for direct communication with musicians
  • Large volume knob with true VCA control for extremely precise level adjustments
  • Built-in stereo USB audio interface, perfect for computer-based studios
  • Premium-quality phono preamp for direct turntable connection
  • 2 powerful headphones amplifiers with separate volume control
  • Convenient mono, mute, and dim functions right at your fingertips
  • High-precision dual 12-segment LED meters with input/output source switch
  • "Planet Earth" switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100-240V)