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The best streaming mixer!

The M-Game RGB Dual streaming mixer and the powerful M-Game software combine to give you an audio interface and powerful live streaming mixer that provides you with ultimate control of your live stream. Customize your output levels for music, mic, chat, games, and sampler. Instantly capture sound bites and save them on your hard drive. As the most versatile live streaming mixer on the market, M-Game RGB Dual offers connections for all your equipment and ultimate mix control of your live stream. 

Connect any microphone to our M-Audio Crystal mic preamp circuitry for broadcast level quality of your voice. Dual USB connections allow for a gaming PC and streaming PC to be connected simultaneously. An additional optical game console input and 1/8” stereo input is available for any additional audio devices such as phones and tablets. Plus, a footswitch can be used for additional control. 

Use the 5 physical faders for real-time mixing of your voice, chat, game, PC Audio, and built-in sampler right to your stream. The large center control knob provides instant control of your headphones, headset, or speakers.

Take full control over your gaming experience and provide maximum entertainment to your audience! 

M-Game Software offers deep customization and control

The included M-Game software allows for in-depth creative control and customization of your stream. Personalize your LEDs, sample images and voice effects imagery. 

Access the Crystal-Clear Mic Technology tools that will give you the professional sound you are looking for. Customizable EQ, compression, noise gate, high pass filter, and de-esser can be tailored specifically to your voice.

Get ultra-creative with your voice using the 50 built-in FX ranging from instant 2-part harmonies to super-fun Ogre and Sci-Fi Villain to name a few. Or… create your own by modifying or creating your own FX with pitch, harmony, distortion, chorus, reverb, and echo oh my!

 Customize any of the 18 built-in samples or import or record your own for use in your streams. Then simply assign them to the physical sample trigger buttons or trigger them from the software. Audition Mode™ lets you preview your samples and voice effects before you stream live. 

M-Game software gives you full control of the RGB lighting effects on the mixer. Match your game room aesthetic perfectly by customizing all elements of the top surface using RGB solid colors, gradients, pulsing and rainbow LED effects.