ADAM-Audio T10S Active Subwoofer 130 W / 1 x 10“

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The Adam Audio T10S is a compact, active subwoofer designed to extend the bass response of any nearfield studio monitor. However, the subwoofer's performance, features, and connectivity are specifically engineered to complement Adam Audio's T5V and T7V full-range studio monitors. The small footprint of the enclosure allows it to be easily integrated into any studio environment.

A 130W amplifier powers the 10" down-firing paper cone woofer, which provides a frequency range of 28 to 120 Hz with a maximum SPL of 104 dB. The two-channel crossover is adjustable, allowing for calibration of the bass signal for optimal performance of the entire system. The rear-panel controls include a level knob, a 0/180° phase switch, and three crossover selections including bypass, 80, and 120 Hz. Additionally, there is a remote switch subwoofer bypass (1/4") input, which allows you to activate/deactivate the subwoofer with an optional TS footswitch. The Adam Audio T10S ships with a power cord.

  • Linear bass reproduction down to 28 Hz
  • Ideal for smaller nearfield monitors, specifically the T-Series
  • ≥104 dB maximum peak sound pressure
  • Powerful, compression-free sound reproduction even at very high sound levels
  • High-efficiency PWM 130W amplifier
  • Low-distortion amplification at both low and high volume levels
  • 10" woofer with paper diaphragm
  • Unrestricted bass reproduction for low-fatigue operation
  • Easy manual or automatic (de-)activation (via optional footswitch)
  • Crossover optimized for T Series T5V and T7V studio monitors
  • Analog XLR / RCA inputs and outputs
  • Optimized for balanced and unbalanced line signals (+4 or -10 dBu)
  • Small footprint for flexible positioning in the room for optimal sound results
დინამიკის ტიპი:
ხმის წნევის დონე SPL:
104 dB
130 Watt
სიხშირული დიაპაზონი:
28 Hz - 120 Hz
ვუფერის ზომა: