ADAM-Audio A77X, SF, A-side Near-/Midfield Monitor, 3-way, 2x7" woofer

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The Adam A77XL 3-Way Active Studio Monitor (Single/Left) is a horizontally designed, dual woofer near-field solution for recording, mixing and mastering music, film, video and other scenarios that require horizontal studio audio monitoring. The Adam A77XL features the driver technology implemented in the Adam A7X vertical studio monitors. Both woofers in the A77XL deliver sub-bass frequencies down to 38 Hz, however one of the woofers is crossed-over to deliver mid-range frequencies as well.

Its X-ART tweeter delivers extended frequency response up to 50 kHz, resulting in pristine, detailed and accurate high frequencies that are well suited for high-resolution audio of 96 and 192 kHz. The tweeter and woofers are independently amplified with 100W (RMS) amplifiers driving each of the woofers and a 50W (RMS) amplifier driving the proprietary X-ART tweeter.

There are balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connections on the rear, along with gain and shelf controls for frequency contouring. The front panel features a power switch and volume control dial. The A77XL is designed for single orientation, however you can pair it with the A77XR for accurate A/B orientation and stereo imaging.

  • Dual horizontally mounted sub-woofer drivers. Mid-range frequencies delivered from one of the installed drivers
  • Adam X-ART extended frequency tweeter produces high frequencies up to 50 kHz
  • Sub-frequencies as low as 38 Hz
  • Tri-amplified design with woofers and X-ART tweeter driven independently
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input
  • Frequency gain and shelving controls on the rear panel
  • Power and input volume control on the front panel
დინამიკის ტიპი:
ხმის წნევის დონე SPL:
122 dB
250 Watt
სიხშირული დიაპაზონი:
38 Hz - 50 kHz
ვუფერის ზომა:
12.8 კგ
ფიზიკური ზომა:
235 x 530 x 280 mm
შესაძლოა გაინტერესებდეთ
  • ფასდაკლებები