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The RM-8000 is a remote microphone station featuring an eight-key keypad for zone selection. 
Key selection allows paging to only one zone, or to all zones simultaneously.
პროდუქტის კოდი - 00861
მდგომარეობა - არ არის მარაგში
- New concept of audio matrix system for public addressing and emergency broadcasting
- Various audio inputs (BGM, Remote MIC, Local Wall Mount MIC & BGM, Paging MIC)
- Individual BGM broadcasting and area selection broadcasting to 8 output areas
- Unlimited expansion of output area in link with Main System (PX-8000)
- Convenient priority broadcasting (Paging MIC > DRP > RM-8000 > LM-8000 > BGM)
- Previous hearing of BGM using a monitor speaker
- Convenient installation and construction without need of ID setting (RM-8000, LM-8000)
- Voice recording by using Record & Playback IC and automatic play in link with fire contact
- Lump change of BGM for all outputs (available in link system)
- Adoption of RS-422 communication method to support a long distance
- Selection of various Chime broadcastings for MIC broadcasting (PRE/POST)
- Capable of adjusting individual tone(bass/treble) in every output area
- Convenient connection with 8CH Power Amp through adoption of lump output terminal
- Adoption of I/O signal level display

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