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MA-106 60W Mixing Amp

The MA-106 is a 1U compact 3-input channel 60W PA Mixer Amplifier. Ideal for use in a small place such as the classroom, 
training center, restaurant, and cafe for both BGM playback and public address
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654.00 GEL

● Digital Amplifier Circuit 

  - With rated output of 60W and 100W, it is trustworthy, light weight and low heat. 


● SMPS Power Supply Circuit 

  - With stable SMPS power supply circuit, it is low power and low weight. 


● Auto Sleep Mode(Only MA-110/110N, Exclude UK version

  - Without any input signal for over 5 minutes, it is automatically switched to Auto Sleep Mode and once input signal is entered again, it wakes up within 0.5 second. 


● Tone controller (Bass / Treble) 

  - There is a tone controller that can be customized to the purposes of the use and user’s style. 


● Outside Mute Control 

  - The Mute function can be controlled outside and can also be linked to emergency broadcast. 


● Additional Function 

  - Additional functions such as Phantom microphone power, TEL IN, outside Mute control are possible 


● Compact Design 

  - Ease of installation and product operation with 1RU-sized compact design. - Volume Control of Each Input Volume of INPUT1~3 can be separately controlled. - Indication of Input Signal Input signal of INPUT1~3 is indicated making checkup of operation status of each channel available.

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