100V სისტემა

MA-103 30W Mixing Amp

The MA-103 is a compact mixing amplifier that requires BGM and voice amplification in lecture halls, training centers,
restaurants, cafes, etc.
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მდგომარეობა - არ არის მარაგში
330.00 GEL

 Compact Design

  - Half rack size compact design and function provide ease of installation


 Digital Amplifier Circuit

  - 30W rated power of high efficiency digital amplifier circuit guarantees high reliability, low weight, and low heat.


 SMPS Power Supply Circuit

  - Stable SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) circuit provides low power consumption and low weight.


 Various Inputs and Additional Functions

  - 3 channels various (3.5mm 3P EURO input, 6.3Φ and 3.5Φ Phone Jack, RCA cable) inputs are available. 

     TEL IN and priority function is also provided.


 Tone Control Function

  - Depending on the frequency used, there are treble and bass controllers to adjust the tone to suit your surroundings and purpose. (At 300Hz and 10kHz, each adjustable ± 10dB)


 Priority Broadcast Function

  - Priority broadcasting function is adopted which can control other input signals by input signal of TEL IN and INPUT 1. (TEL IN >> INPUT 1 >> INPUT 2 = INPUT 3)

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